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Why Gov and Edu Backlinks Are a Worthless SEO Fad
This is a great post about that. Where i will get the list of Edu and Gov? Before reading I search only for backlinks from edu and gov sites. Now i understand what the process involve. I will have to focus on getting backlinks from top quality niche sites irrespective of edu or gov site. Thanks for clarifying concept behind edu or gov backlinks. On majority of the blogs I noticed, people leave comments just for the sake of getting backlinks, how it is helpful for other, on a closer look and after reading so many articles there is no solid evidence about SEO, it is more prone to trial and error, what an absolute money making scam created by google.
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Look at quality information on Backlinks from Gov website, these are high valued backlinks from good information sites used by government portals. Gov backlinks can be an essencial way of improving your sites visibility on search engine such as Google and Bing.
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GOV Backlinks Service. I WILL MANUALLY CREATE 15 HIGH AUTHORITY EDU/.GOV PROFILE BACKLINKS FROM UNIQUE AND TRUSTED DOMAINS AND ALL ARE USA BASED. An edu" and gov backlink" is simply a link from a public institution University, High-School, etc that points back to your page.
How to Build Edu and Gov backlinks through Commenting: The Easiest Way to do it.
Edu Backlinks is available to buy in the Tipsonblogging seo store, right here. You can as well read on to do it yourself, I will show you exactly how to build edu backlinks using dropmylink. Also see: How to get a Dofollow backlink from Facebook, Nairaland, Google Plus and Youtube. How to build Edu and Gov backlinks through commenting using Dropmylink. Click on Signup for Free Account and Confirm your email. Login to your Account. Click on 'TLD' and choose your Choice: Edu or Gov Now input a keyword in the search box e.g. From the First Category drop down select 'Blog' Comments' '.' From second drop down select 'WordPress' no comments 1. Click on Search. This would take you to Google search results showing edu or gov websites with published posts that have wordpress as their Blogging platform and also allow comments. Also see: 4 Powerful Tools for Getting Alerts of New Backlinks to your Website. Now focus on below Tip.; Focus on the Search Description to see the one that has something similar to 'No' comments posted yet, leave a comment.
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Skip to content. How to Get GOV Backlinks. Tips and Tricks. An important component of a well-planned SEO strategy is earning backlinks for your website from other, high authority and reputable websites. It is difficult and at times an overwhelming process.
How to build 20 FREE high quality gov backlinks to your website.
But one thing is for certain, we can all agree that sites on edu and gov domains have the age, trust and domain authority every link builder loves. However, building links on such trusted domains without resorting to spammy wiki pages or black hat tactics is a challenge. This article will teach you some actionable strategies you can use to add these backlinks to your link profile. How to Create Backlinks? Creating quality backlinks to your website is a main part of Search Engine Optimization that has to be done so as to increase your website reputation and also PageRank of your website. There are many measures to determining PageRank PR value on a site. One thing is for sure major search engines depend on high quality content and backlinks from other trusted sites to determine the value of your website. Backlinks to your website provides the trust factor that your website has and how much reputation does your website has gained over the time. When building backlinks to your website, some of the most trusted and quality backlinks are from the education and government websites.
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Once we get the final list of gov websites, we will start building Gov backlinks for our clients. We have hundreds of proven and verified gov backlink sources which we use to build backlinks for our clients. However, for the guest blog, we maintain high quality, and for gov blog commenting, we submit high quality authoritative and informative comment that gets approved quickly. Our service not only provides the edu gov backlink building but also tracking their approval and interaction on those backlinks.
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July 17th, 2012 13:34.: Anyone know of a list out there for gov or edu sites? Dont think anyone would give the list for free. But I thought i would ask regardless and maybe get lucky. And i agree with Calvin, if i had a government contract I wouldnt need backlinks LOL.
Edu and Gov Link Building Guide.
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